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The Advance Learning Group Strategy

Build a framework for learning that ties to strategy

Learning is too often done piecemeal. It should work like pieces of a puzzle fitting together, not leaders puzzling over how each program ties in to what’s important. Advance Learning Group won’t leave you guessing by applying the right learning for leaders and teams that ties to your organizational strategy.

Create leaders that lead

Today nearly everyone is a working manager, not a leader working. Advance Learning Group develops leaders, boards, and teams with key skills they need to propel your organization ahead..

Drive success through sincerity

Whether it’s greater revenue, more members or customers, or stronger engagement and satisfaction, Advance Learning Group wants to drive your success. Clients say our strength is sincerely listening, understanding and caring about your situation and creating the right methods, processes or programs to achieve those goals. Along the way, we’ve won several awards with clients for the results achieved.

Meeting business goals is Job Number One of learning

There is a difference between responding to business needs and requests and advancing strategy. Even the best of organizations have programs that aren’t meeting business needs. Let Advance Learning Group help you save money and spend wisely by reviewing your training programs and plans to ensure that your money and efforts are well spent to advance business goals.

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Save Money and Increase Productivity

Even if you are a cost center, ensuring that your budget is tight adds credibility to you as a business leader. Let Advance Learning Group ensure that learning initiatives are connected to save you money and strengthen the alignment of learning throughout your organization.

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Recommend, design and deliver new learning initiatives that furthers your business

With over 30 years experience designing and developing award-winning certificates, workshops, and programs, let Advance Learning Group provide the outside view you need to tighten your overall learning strategy, recommend learning initiatives that are valued and where needed, develop and deliver effective learning initiatives.

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Associates include former C-Suite leaders, executive coaches, thought leaders, and senior learning professionals from around the globe. All are chosen for specific expertise so they can be matched and brought in to work with the right client and right need.